The Asset Management Landscape

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About this course

Remain abreast of the latest trends with a holistic view of asset management. This course provides an overview of the discipline of asset management and a framework for understanding the various subjects covered in the GFMAM’s Asset Management Landscape.

The course is based on internationally recognised documents and standards. These include the GFMAM’s Asset Management Landscape and its 39 Subjects, the newly released ISO 55000 standard for an asset management system, the IAM’s latest version of Asset Management – An Anatomy as well as the previously released PAS 55 specification. It also considers the competency requirements as defined by the Australian Asset Management Council, which has already been accepted by a number of GFMAM members as the basis of their endorsed asset management qualifications.

It is essential for anyone responsible for the management and maintenance of physical assets, such as infrastructure and plant, who aims to succeed in today’s highly demanding environment.


This training course is based on the GFMAM’s 39 Subjects and is aligned to Pragma’s proven AMIP methodology and framework. It aims to:

give you a frame of reference of what asset management is about.

give a holistic overview of the subjects covered in the GFMAM’s Asset Management Landscape.

define why asset management is an important function for every asset intensive organisation.

select asset management best practices applicable to your organisation.

The Asset Management Landscape - Course outline and expected outcomes

Who should attend?

  • Senior managers and executives in asset intensive organisations
  • Project sponsors
  • Asset and maintenance managers
  • Project engineers
  • Production and operations managers
  • Maintenance and production engineers
  • Risk managers